Nearby Dentist Washington IL

A woman is seen receiving dental care. Associates In Dentistry is a nearby dentist in Washington IL.

Do You Need A New Dentist?

If you’re looking for a new dentist, we can help. Are you looking for highly skilled dental practitioners who provide gentle, top-notch care? How about a convenient location close to your home or work? Did you know Associates In Dentistry has nine dentists in five locations and more than 40 professional and support staff? With our professional staff and multiple locations, we are able to conveniently serve you and your family. If you are looking for a nearby dentist in Washington IL, call us today at 309-690-4500.

What Sets Associates In Dentistry Apart From Other Practices?

We have a very long history of serving the greater Peoria area. Our story starts in the early 1970s, when we were known as Associates In Dentistry Family Dental Centers in Canton. Currently, we are the largest group-owned, non-corporate dental partnership in the greater Peoria area.  We’ve been providing great dental care to patients in the Peoria area, including Washington, for a long, long time!

What Dental Services Are Available?

As a full-service dentist, we can provide virtually all the dental care you and your family need and will make referrals for specialized care if required. A list of our most common services includes:

Does Associates In Dentistry Serve The Community?

Our staff is proud to give back. We participate in and/or financially help support many community organizations throughout the Washington and greater Peoria area. Some of these worthy organizations include:

  • Peoria District Dental Society and the Board of Governors
  • Abbas Grottos (dentistry for children with special needs)
  • Board of the American Cancer Society in Peoria
  • Educational programs including health fairs, career day fairs, dental health exhibits and classroom programs
  • Hult Health Education Center
  • Many area service clubs
A woman is seen receiving dental care. Associates In Dentistry is a nearby dentist in Washington IL.

What If I Don’t Have Dental Insurance?

We can serve you regardless of your insurance status. If you do have insurance, chances are good we can accept it – we work with more than 150 different insurance plans. We’re happy to check for you, so give us a  call. We charge the same fees for service to all patients regardless of insurance status. If you require extensive dental services, we will do all we can to estimate the cost of your treatment ahead of time. If you have dental insurance, we will provide an estimate as to what portion we expect it to cover. You will be responsible for all fees. After 30 days, we charge an 18 percent per year service charge on any balance. We do not accept the Illinois Public Aid card or Medicaid.
In addition, we make it as easy as possible to pay your bill. We now have an easy-to-use online payment portal.

Are You Ready For Excellent Dental Care?

If you have been searching for a new dentist and are ready to begin care with a nearby dentist in Washington IL, it’s time to meet your new dental care team. Give Associates In Dentistry a call today at  309-690-4500.